Weekly horoscope 10 february

This could come from generations of unresolved issues. People die and keep passing on the genetic karma, and right now it wants to be healed.

Your weekly horoscope: November 4 - November 10, 12222

As we are in the month of Aquarius , be sure to download and install the Aquarius wallpaper for your phone and get some color therapy to help you bring out the best of the month. Also, did you know that every plant is ruled by a planet and constellation? Take preventative measure to avoid headaches and head injuries. Impulsive activities are probably not the best idea.

Weekly Horoscope for February 11 - 17, 2019 - Gregory Scott Astrology

There is a strong desire to get things, and we should try to balance it out with sharing with others — especially those we have forgotten. To get a clear idea of what the Aquarius season will look like for you, get a chart reading with me. If you want bigger, long-term insights, book the Personal Development Strategy.

The Astrologer’s Diary: 4-10 February 12222

We begin the week with our communication planet, Mercury, shifting into Pisces. This is a time for recharging your emotional and physical batteries.

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 4-10

The moon moves into cancer on Friday morning, creating an air of vulnerability. Innovator Uranus conjuncts action planet Mars from Monday until Thursday, forming the right atmosphere for everyone to achieve their most ambitious goals. Mars enters Taurus on Valentine's Day, slowing down our actions and focusing on building stability. Think of it as a milder subset of unrequited love.

When talking about open relationships, the terminology can get confusing, quick. Align with it personally or romantically, and watch the magic happen! This Wednesday, a powerful moment of closure through conflict could help you release people or circumstances keeping you stuck. Do so with integrity and elegance.


Stargazer Weekly Horoscope: Feb. 10 - Feb. 16, — Arik Xander - Astrological Wellness

Mars enters your Venus-ruled sign on Valentine's Day, meaning your natural abilities for harmony, support, and loyalty will receive so much love from the universe. Power to the people!

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Mars activates your passion for activism, community organizing, and social justice on Wednesday, inspiring you to advocate for those who can't do so themselves. Whether it's a conversation about closure, transition, or forgiveness, lean in to the holiday gently and with compassion.

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Work performance check! On Wednesday, Mars electrifies your innovation and disruption zones at work, so initiate change, progress, or a conversation that helps you know what your value is.

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Pessimism is lazy! This Wednesday, consider positive effects of proactive optimism. Can they handle the truth, Virgo?